About us

Grabat manages, manufactures and operates the business of graphene polymer cells for use in different applications.


The company was born from a research project developed by the help of University of Cordoba. Nowadays, Grabat has formalized and extends this R&D collaboration with this University for several years.

Our values:

  • Innovation and commitment to the research of new developments
  • Quality in our products
  • Prospects of business both in the short and long term
  • Safety at work and in the production model
  • Integrated management system that includes quality, safety and environment, implementing continuous improvement actions
  • Sustainability, social responsibility and environmental commitment

Grabat technology

Grabat Energy is dedicated to the manufacture of battery cells, not the integration of these in batteries.


Grabat integrates in its technology graphene in order to developed cells for high capacity batteries.


European and Asian companies in the automotive and aeronautical sectors are some of the strategic clients of Grabat. These companies see in our potential product higher energy densities than their requirements, which position Grabat as a competitive company in the energy sector.

Offices and R&D centres

The facilities in which cell production takes place and the main R&D laboratories are located in Yecla (Murcia). However, Grabat also has a close collaboration in investigation with the University of Córdoba and an innovation center in Almazora (Castellón).


Grabat has appropriate facilities and resources to meet the whole cell manufacturing process from start to finish. For example, well-equipped laboratories with state-of-the-art equipment, an electrodes preparation area, and a large dry room under strict moisture control which holds automated assembly lines to graphene polymer cells production.


With all the manufacturing processes under one roof, Grabat offers total flexibility to control and modify any aspect of cell design. Furthermore, Grabat is capable to adapt its technology to meet demands of clients, adapting technical characteristics, materials and cell configuration as required.